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Handgun Qualification License

Handgun Qualification License for the State of Maryland. This must have class puts you control of your household. Having this course allows you to purchase handguns in the State of Maryland.


Wear & Carry

Wear and Carry for the State of Maryland. Taught over 2-3 days, full of in depth training, safety and mental preparation for concealed self defense.


Tactical Classes

Training is developed to give the most practical and efficient methods possible.


Private Shooting Class

Lets work on that form!


3-Gun Courses

You might be a good shot, but can you prove it when it counts?

Why shoot by our


Here at CODZ Tactical Academy we ​want to change the fear and misinterpretation about firearms and concentrate on the skills and common knowledge everyone should have.


This Constitutional Right is the foundation of our freedom and our Nation.  Our staff has a combined 50+ years of military and firearm education and take this right very seriously.  

Now for those who do have plenty of firearm education and experience, don't go blowing your mag... we have plenty for you as well.  Expand your education and skills through 3-Gun or Custom Tactical Classes.  Both of which can be optimized and designed for you or your group.

Now lets stop firing blanks.... go pull that trigger and sign up!



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